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I like dogs.  And I like peanuts.  But like many of you, I also have allergies.  Many of us have a love-hate situation with dogs, cats, peanuts, pollen, dust, mold, trees, flowers . . .

Take a look at this puppy.  Seriously, I can’t even stand the cuteness.



John B. Sweet, MD

So this past week on the Healthy Matters radio broadcast, I coerced my medical school classmate, Dr. John Sweet, into joining me in the studio.  I’ve known John for years since we actually sat together in lecture back in med school.  He listened to the professor.  I just talked in class. Real surprise, there.

Anyway, John became a terrific allergist.  So this week after the show, we decided to record a series of short videos in which John gives us a few nuggets of solid medical info about allergies.  This post features two of those videos – one about pet allergies and the other about peanut allergies.  (Spoiler alert:  no one gets rid of their pet and yes you CAN give your little ones peanuts to help prevent allergies).

Not much reading on this post . . . you get to watch videos!  We’re all about multimedia so let’s get to it.  

Here’s some things for you to do

  1.  Listen to the podcast of the radio broadcast with Dr. Sweet by clicking the arrow below

(Healthy Matters show #431, April 9, 2017)


2.  Watch this 90-second video about pet allergies with Dr. Sweet and me.  He’s the one with the stethoscope around his neck.


3.  Check out this post from 2016 that I did about seasonal allergies.  It gets into the nitty-gritty of why we have allergies:  “Seasonal allergies and . . . ah-ah-ah-choo! . . . you.

4.  See what a pediatrician says about peanut allergies at this blog from Seattle Mama Doc.  Her post is called “Peanuts during infancy to prevent food allergy.”

5.  Watch this 2 minute video about peanut allergies with Dr. Sweet and me.  This is certainly the only post you’ll ever see in which I flex my muscles. . .


6.  Take a look at one other post I did in 2016 about the peanut issue and the important LEAP study:  “Concerned about allergies?  Maybe you should feed you baby some peanut butter”

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Have allergies?

John B. Sweet, MD

Here’s a suggestion to my Minnesota friends – make an appointment to see Dr. John Sweet at one of the three locations where he practices.  Access all three of them at 612-873-6963 (that’s 612-873-MYMD).

Happy Spring time!  I’m going to sneeze now.