We’re tackling more myths of medicine on Episode 21 of the Healthy Matters Podcast.  Oh – you’ve heard some of these before: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and “don’t go outside with your hair wet or you’ll get sick!” Healthy Matters producer John Lucas joins me as we poke holes in these myriads of myths – and maybe even endorse a few.

Can cold weather make you sick?
Myth! It may make us feel down in the dumps when it’s below zero but we can’t blame cold weather for making us physically ill. While some viruses like influenza live better when the air is colder and drier, that’s not the reason why we get sick. Staying indoors around others who are avoiding the cold weather is why we are more likely to catch the flu and other illnesses during the colder months. You can catch a lot of cold-related things like frostbite, hypothermia or dry skin from going out in cold weather (I hope not!) but you won’t catch a cold.

How about them apples? Will they keep Yours Truly away?
Not likely – but there may be some truth to staying healthy by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and apples certainly fall into that category.

Plucking a gray hair – will a thousand show up to its funeral?
Myth! Has anyone else heard this phrase? Don’t pull your hair out over this one, just check out the podcast for more information before you start shrinking. Oh yes, that is not a myth. It’s true, as we age both men and women can lose some height due to several reasons, but gravity is the major culprit.

Does cracking your knuckles or other joints promote arthritis?
Myth! While cracking your joints increases your chances of being annoying, it’s not particularly dangerous. Listen to the podcast to find out what makes the sounds when you crack your joints.

Is breakfast for champions? Is there such thing as fat-burning foods? Is hearing loss permanent? You’ll find out the answers in Episode 21 of the Healthy Matters Podcast.
One thing we can all agree on is that laughter is the best medicine – and puppies can also give us a dose of joy that will brighten anyone’s day. Hear about some shenanigans that were recently deployed in one of our busy clinics to remind us that laughter is a very powerful predictor of health.

Thank you for listening to the Healthy Matters podcasts and remember, don’t criticize anyone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes (because then you’ll be a mile away, and have their shoes). Sorry, bad dad joke. Did it make you laugh?