david hilden and family at graduationI wasn’t always a doctor. I was a dorky, nerdy engineering kid, about 24-years-old, making barcodes for a living. After about six years of making the most amazing barcodes you’ve ever seen, my wife asked me to “do that medicine thing that you talked about.” I applied for medical school with two little toddlers at home and hardly two nickels to rub together, but I made it.

My medical career started about 20 years ago and for the past 13 of those years I’ve been talking about Healthy Matters on the radio – but now you and I are headed for a new adventure, where we’ll carry on the Healthy Matters tradition that you’ve trusted for so many years. In this first episode of our new podcast, I share a little about how this got started, where it’s been and where we’re going.

The Healthy Matters podcast is going to be a new and expanded way for us to stay connected. So here’s what you can expect on the podcast. I will continue to give reliable, trusted, scientifically sound medical information in a way that I hope is meaningful to you. There is so much healthcare information and misinformation out there and it can be overwhelming. We’re going to break it down in to meaningful, helpful information for you and your family. From the perspective of real doctors and other healthcare practitioners, we’re going to share insights and stories that will humanize medicine. Familiar segments will include “Hilden’s House Calls” where we’ll answer your health questions – just like we did on our Open Lines show on the radio.

No health care topic is off limits. And you know the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine”? I believe that’s true – so if we can have a little fun while we’re talking about topics that are relevant to you and your family, then doing it with a little bit of fun is the way to go. So let’s go!