Great questions from great listeners on this edition of Hilden’s House Calls!

Larry from Red Wing asks about his blue toes, another caller asks how to boost their immune system, and Jennifer from Omaha asks about eggs and cholesterol. Jane is curious about the strangest thing I’ve seen inside – or had to remove from – someone’s body. Well, Jane, I’ve seen and heard of many unusual items that people tend to put in their bodies, either by swallowing or, well, inserting.

Moving on, Terry from Hudson has been having trouble sleeping and asked about any long-term effects from lack of sleep and the impact on his overall health. A good night’s sleep is the holy grail of life – essential to both your physical and mental health. We sleep for a reason and your brain is doing a lot of things during this time. In Episode Six we talked with my colleague Dr. Ranji Varghese about the mysterious functions that occur during sleep. I encourage you to check out this episode – definitely not a snoozer!

In Episode Nine of The Healthy Matters Podcast I also answer questions about the safety of creatinine use with workouts, Viagra, alcohol consumption, blood donation, redundant colons (not a punctuation problem) and a true gem from the Twin Cities broadcasting community calls in with a question about rotator cuff injuries.

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