It’s time to ask me anything (AMA) on Episode 3 of Season 2 of the Healthy Matters Podcast.

Miranda in St. Paul asked me about my own healthcare routine – and specifically, do I drink alcohol? Well, Miranda, self-care is important and no matter how busy we are, we should all take time to focus on our physical and mental health. I do work out at least 3-4 times a week, mostly running. I prefer running outdoors – even in the winter. Sometimes I do use an exercise bike we have in our basement. I also have an occasional glass of wine but refrain from drinking while exercising. All kidding aside, it’s not unusual for a physician to have a glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail now and then. But we’re no different than anyone else – we’re just as susceptible to alcohol abuse. Using alcohol medicinally and when you’re feeling stressed can lead to bigger problems, so it’s always important to ask yourself, “Do I want this glass of wine right now or am I just habitually reaching for it because it was a stressful day?” or if you have alcohol abuse problems, don’t drink. Give exercise a try and listen to some music you enjoy – that’s the best advice I can give to reduce stress.

Teddy in Madison is in his mid-forties and noticed his teeth and nails were becoming more brittle. We may grow wiser as we age, but parts of our bodies do physically change – including our nails, teeth, and even hair. Alex in Duluth is getting cold feet. Karen didn’t say where she’s from but no sweat – only a red face when she exercises. Listen to the podcast to hear my cool advice.

Carrie in Minneapolis is wondering if she should change her toothbrush after having the flu. The good news is that she’s already protected from the strain she just suffered through. Theoretically, it is possible for germs to live on your toothbrush when it’s wet. But here’s the deal – don’t share your toothbrush with your friends. Number One, it’s gross. Number Two, germs including bacteria and viruses and the like can live on those wet surfaces. ‘Nuf said.

I hope we alleviated concerns from Kevin in Lakeville ahead of his “hernia-ologist” appointment. What a brilliant new description for a hernia surgeon that led to a great discussion about the types of hernia surgeries. My gut tells me Kevin’s procedure will go just fine.

A listener from Georgia suggested an episode about celiac disease. Thank you, Jane! We’re working on it! Celiac disease is your body’s inability to process gluten, a protein that is found in many grains, including the big one – wheat. Watch to see more information about our podcast about celiac disease that affects so many people.

We tackle many other listener questions on this episode of Healthy Matters. High blood pressure, COVID, antibiotic resistance, and much more! If you have a health question, send it my way to