Natalie Ikeman PA-C outside the WCCO studios in Minneapolis

Hey, what’s up Healthy Matters people!

On the Healthy Matters radio broadcast this week, my colleague Natalie Ikeman, MPAS, PA-C from Hennepin Healthcare’s Golden Valley Clinic joined us by phone to offer some tips for staying healthy in 2019.

You know what is really cool about her advice?  It is achievable even for people like me and you!  She doesn’t tell you to go to the gym 7 days a week.  Or run 10 miles.  Or eat nothing but pine cones every day. She gives advice that real people can follow.

I asked Natalie if she would be guest write this blog post and she agreed so most of this post is her words.

To listen to the podcast of the show (Healthy Matters show #523, January 20, 2019), including Natalie’s portion at time 22:05, click the logo here:

5 tips for staying healthy in 2019, by Natalie Ikeman

Natalie Ikeman, MPAS, PA-C

1.  Be more active

2. Stop eating when you are 80% full

  • Take less when you plate your food and put your left overs away BEFORE you eat
  • Leave about 20% behind on your plate and put a napkin over it when done
  • Listen to your hunger cues, if your stomach isn’t grumbling, you aren’t hungry
  • Slow down when you eat, it takes 20 minutes to tell your brain that your stomach is full

3. Keep a food diary

  • Research shows that people who record what they eat are more effective at losing weight
  • My favorite app to do this is My Fitness Pal

4.  Drink 1 extra glass of water per day than you usually do

  • Keep the glass on the counter to remind you to drink
  • Fill up multiple water bottles in your fridge so they are easy for grab and go
  • My favorite apps to help remind you are Drink Water or My Water Balance

5. Practice Mindfulness

  • Helps you reduce stress, improve memory and decrease anxiety
  • You can do this through meditation, relaxation, or breathing exercises
  • Once you start doing this, it can become very relaxing and addictive!
  • My favorite apps are Calm and Headspace in which they guide you how to do this

Helpful links

The Great Slim Down program, developed by Natalie Ikeman PA-C at Hennepin Healthcare, Golden Valley Clinic.

Nine low to moderate-intensity videos for exercising, featuring Natalie from Hennepin Healthcare.

Here’s more information about weight loss from a post I did in 2016.

This whole post is courtesy of Natalie Ikeman, MPAS, PA-C who got up on a frigid Sunday morning to call into our Healthy Matters broadcast to offer advice and to write this post.  Thanks, Natalie!

(Here’s a word of advice from me:  if you live in the Minneapolis area and need someone for weight loss or general health care, I recommend Natalie.   Click her bio page for info on how to make an appointment).

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