In Episode Ten of The Healthy Matters Podcast, we’ll use 100 percent of our brains to tackle some medical myths that you’ve likely heard and perhaps wondered if they were factual. Many may have started with some element of truth. We’ll explore what may have prompted eerie tales of hair and nail growth from the grave, the 5-second rule for food droppings, and the gut-wrenching lifespan of chewing gum after being swallowed.

Should you wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming? For context we go way back to the Boy Scouts Handbook from the early 1900s where it does say to avoid swimming for an hour, because if you don’t, you could drown. The theory, I believe – and I am a proud Eagle Scout – is that your stomach is busy digesting food so your blood is going to your intestines instead of your muscles, which may cause you to get tired and drown. While I’m sorry to contradict “classic scouting literature,” this isn’t entirely true, but it isn’t entirely false either. Yes, your body is concentrating on digestion after eating but fear not – there’s blood a-plenty to make sure your body can walk, talk – even swim!

Speaking of water… what about staying hydrated?  I’m surprised that so many of us survived 40 years ago on ballfields without water bottles (or even a snack or sunscreen).  Now we all recognize the importance of drinking water, but how much do our bodies really need? Eight glasses a day? And can water play a role in weight loss? Grab a glass of water and find out when you listen to Episode Ten.

Cell phone “vibes,” eye strain, and the importance of toilet lids are also covered in this episode. As well as justice for a flavorful bird. Yes, it’s time to give turkeys some sack, folks.

If you’re going to blame the L-Tryptophan in turkey for making you too sleepy to help with kitchen clean-up after a huge holiday meal, you’re going to have to add pork chops, cheese, soybeans and lots of other foods that include the amino acid known for promoting good sleep and mood. Either encourage paper plate usage at your next event or step up to the plate and help after a delicious meal with L-Tryptophan-laden items. Then settle down for an enjoyable nap – after listening to your favorite new Healthy Matters Podcast, of course!

Young Dave Hilden dutifully waiting 30 minutes after eating before swimming.

Way before medical school I’m sure I listened to my parents and waited 30 minutes after eating before going for a swim. But it’s ok to take the plunge on a full stomach!