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The nerve of those nerves

Are your nerves playing tricks on you? Recently someone asked me about peripheral neuropathy – and that’s literally what happens. Peripheral neuropathy doesn’t really involve your brain or spinal column – it’s those nerves. But it’s not entirely their fault. High blood sugar over long periods of time can damage nerves and reduce their ability to send messages to the brain and other parts of the body. This condition is most commonly caused by diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy causes pain and numbness in your legs, feet, arms and hands. Symptoms can range from mild pain or numbness to debilitating pain and numbness that can put you at risk for falls, or wounds that are difficult to detect and heal.

You should see your doctor if you’re concerned about any symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and if they keep you from the activities you enjoy. If you specifically have numbness or achiness in your feet, you should see a doctor who may refer you to a neurologist.

As always, watch your blood sugar levels, maintain a healthy weight, stay active and watch your cholesterol and blood pressure to avoid so many kinds of unhealthy matters – including having your nerves play tricks on you.